Upload an image to any registered subdomain on sxcu.net.
Note - a user agent is must be set with the request otherwise the upload will be rejected.

Resource URL



Parameter Type Description Optional Default
image file Binary file - png, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, ico or webm. false None
token string Domain upload token (if one required) true None
collection string Collection ID to upload the file to. true None
collection_token string Collection's upload token (if one required) true None
noembed void If sent, the uploader will return the direct link to the image, instead of an image page with meta tags for nice embeds. true None


POST https://sxcu.net/upload


  "collection": "yGdZe6z"

Response JSON Params

Parameter Type Description
url string The URL to the uploaded image.
del_url string The deletion URL for this image, if this URL is requested, the image will be deleted.
thumb string Thumbnail URL, this is a small version of the original uploaded image.
collection string This will be the collection ID if the image was uploaded to a collection.

Resource Information

Rate Limited True
Response Format JSON
Authentication none