Uploads an image to sxcu.net
Note: This endpoint is limit to 7 requests per minute.

Resource URL

https://{any sxcu.net subdomain}/upload


Parameter Description Optional Default
image File. The image you want to upload. No None
token String. The upload token for the upload sub domain, if one required. Yes None
collection String. The collection ID to which you want to upload to if you want to upload to a collection. Yes None
collection_token String. the collection upload token if one is required by the collection you're uploading to. Yes None
noembed Void. If present, the uploader will return a direct URL to the uploaded image, instead of a dedicated page. Yes None


POST https://sxcu.net/upload





JSON Params

Parameter Type Description Example
url String The URL to the uploaded image https://sxcu.net/QNeo92.png
del_url String The deletion URL for this image, opening this link will delete the image with no confirmation! https://sxcu.net/QNeo92.png
thumb String The thumbnail URL to this image. https://sxcu.net/t/QNeo92.png

Resource Information

Rate Limited True
Response Format JSON
Authentication None