Get colection details and list of images (if any are uploaded) for a given collection

Resource URL{CollectionId}.json




  "id": "Hoy9fH",
  "title": "Mister_Fix's uploads",
  "desc": "All of my uploaded images go here",
  "views": 537,
  "creation_date": 1531428328,
  "public": false,
  "unlisted": false,
  "images": [
          "url": "",
          "thumb": "",
          "upload_time": 1534680144,
          "views": 1
          "url": "",
          "thumb": "",
          "upload_time": 1534638234,
          "views": 4

Response JSON Params

Parameter Type Description
id string The collection's ID.
title string The title of the collection given by the creator.
desc string The description of the collection given by the creator.
views integer Total amount of views the collection has got.
creation_date long An epoch timestamp of when the collection was created
public boolean Whether the collection allows uploads by anyone or with an upload token.
unlisted boolean Whether the collection will be listed in the collections page or not.
images JSONArray An array of all of the images uploaded to the collection.

Resource Information

Rate Limited False
Response Format JSON
Authentication None